abstract class[source]

A convenience constructor for Compander.


digraph InheritanceGraph { graph [background=transparent, bgcolor=transparent, color=lightslategrey, fontname=Arial, outputorder=edgesfirst, overlap=prism, penwidth=2, rankdir=LR, root="__builtin__.object", splines=spline, style="dotted, rounded", truecolor=true]; node [colorscheme=pastel19, fontname=Arial, fontsize=12, penwidth=2, style="filled, rounded"]; edge [color=lightsteelblue2, penwidth=2]; subgraph cluster_builtins { graph [label=builtins]; "builtins.object" [color=1, group=0, label=object, shape=box]; } subgraph cluster_systemtools { graph [label=systemtools]; "" [color=2, group=1, label=AbstractBase, shape=box]; "" [color=2, group=1, label=SupriyaObject, shape=box]; "" -> ""; } subgraph cluster_ugentools { graph [label=ugentools]; "" [color=black, fontcolor=white, group=2, label=<<B>CompanderD</B>>, shape=oval, style="filled, rounded"]; "" [color=3, group=2, label=PseudoUGen, shape=oval, style=bold]; "" -> ""; } "builtins.object" -> ""; "" -> ""; }


Attribute summary

ar([source, threshold, clamp_time, ...]) Constructs an audio-rate dynamics processor.
__eq__(expr) Is true when ID of expr equals ID of Supriya object.
__format__([format_specification]) Formats Supriya object.
__hash__() Hashes Supriya object.
__repr__() Gets interpreter representation of Supriya object.

Class & static methods

classmethod, threshold=0.5, clamp_time=0.01, relax_time=0.1, slope_above=1.0, slope_below=1.0)[source]

Constructs an audio-rate dynamics processor.

>>> source =
>>> compander_d =
...     source=source,
...     )
>>> print(str(compander_d))
SynthDef ... {
    const_0:0.0 -> 0_In[0:bus]
    0_In[0] -> 1_DelayN[0:source]
    const_1:0.01 -> 1_DelayN[1:maximum_delay_time]
    const_1:0.01 -> 1_DelayN[2:delay_time]
    0_In[0] -> 2_Compander[0:source]
    1_DelayN[0] -> 2_Compander[1:control]
    const_2:0.5 -> 2_Compander[2:threshold]
    const_3:1.0 -> 2_Compander[3:slope_below]
    const_3:1.0 -> 2_Compander[4:slope_above]
    const_1:0.01 -> 2_Compander[5:clamp_time]
    const_4:0.1 -> 2_Compander[6:relax_time]

Returns ugen graph.

Special methods


Is true when ID of expr equals ID of Supriya object. Otherwise false.

Returns boolean.


Formats Supriya object.

Set format_specification to ‘’ or ‘storage’. Interprets ‘’ equal to ‘storage’.

Returns string.


Hashes Supriya object.

Required to be explicitely re-defined on Python 3 if __eq__ changes.

Returns integer.


Gets interpreter representation of Supriya object.

Returns string.